About Pencil Craft LLC

     Born roughly 35 years ago in mid Michigan. Pencil Craft has been a locally owned and operated company from the beginning. When our current owner, Vic Flegel, bought the company in 2005 it was little more than a side project that our UPS driver entertained in his off time. Since then we have expanded tenfold. Shipping our giant pencils worldwide to such countries as Mexico, Italy, Australia, China, and more. 

     Made exclusively from components manufactured in the United States we take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. We start with locally purchased six sided wood stock. Cut it to length and shape the ends. We then fill any holes in the wood, and sand it smooth. After priming, hand sanding, and painting the pencils, we glue in 3 inches of real graphite, sharpen it  to a point, and affix a real rubber eraser. Using one of three methods, vinyl lettering, silk screen, or flatbed printing, we are able to customize each giant pencil with your very own logo or message. 

     We guarantee these pencils are one of kind and are sure to have people talking for years. They make great gifts, advertising, promotion, or awards. Make the write choice. Order your's today.